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Monday, June 20, 2011

Selecting the colors for your Wedding

Choosing the colors of your wedding can be a very daunting task, specially for the already overwhelming list of things to do, but no need to panic. One thing to consider when you are in the selection process for the colors is to remember that absolutely everything from the invitations , all the way to the bridesmaid dresses need to match accordingly with the wedding theme, by doing this you are already dictating the mood and environment of your wedding.
First to establish is if is going to be an outdoor or indoor wedding. For outdoor weddings is recommended to use the colors of the seasons.
Spring: Since spring is the season of a new life when flowers blooms, cool refreshing breeze is on the air, and the sun is warming up the day it will be best to use Bright colors, or a fresh combination of colors, (Green, Red, Yellow, Orange). These colors are most related to the spring season creating a very refreshing, relaxing environment on your wedding.
Summer: The summer is associated with very hot temperatures, sunny days and it will not be a mistake to use, hot or energetic colors. One example of a hot color is red, when the red color is the one dominating the entire decoration will give a sense of a very hot day and it can symbolize the feelings about your groom. An energetic combination of colors are: purple, pink, and red, this color combination will remind your guest about all the energy a summer day is pack with and your wedding have plenty of energy in it.
Autumn : This particular season is the most memorable of all since, the colors on the landscape drastically change, the sunsets are redder, the foliage of the tree change of color in preparation for the winter ahead. Not surprisingly the color for autumn are warm a combination of red, orange, and yellow.
Winter: Winter is associated with cold weather, snow, short days, and festivities. The color scheme for a winter wedding can be a little tricky since you can go with a cool combination such as turquoise blue, and verdant green, other color options are those related to festivities such as red and green.
For indoors wedding will be all about setting the mood of your wedding, or by picking your favorite color.
Different moods can vary from: Romantic, Friendly, Welcoming, elegant, energetic, or classy. Depending on the mood you wish to reflect for your guest, are going to be the color combination you will select.
Romantic: Romantic mood can be any combination involving pink, red, and purple it may remind you about those sugary candy hearts given to you by your fiance on that Valentine day years ago when you first met.
Welcoming colors are those who invite people in and encourage them to stay, yellow, brown, and orange are very pleasant colors who invite your guest to come in and never leave. This is also a friendly combination. Can you relate friendly and welcoming? They are compliment of each other, a welcoming person is a friendly one.
Or you can simply use your favorite color: with your favorite color you are telling your guest what type of personality you posses.
Red: The red color is the most vibrant color in the color scheme. This color reflect, excitement, speed, power, passion, danger, and joy it give a warm sensation to the people.
Yellow: The yellow color is considered to be a happy color, do you think is a coincidence that a happy face is painted most of the time in yellow? Symbolize Joy, warmth, optimism, wealth.
Orange: A mixture of yellow and red, it poses some mix characteristic of both colors; friendly, outgoing, cheerful and adventurous. Is very easy on the eyes and very close related to the autumn season. The color of the pumpkins, and the dry leaf of a tree on the fall season.
Green: When you use a soft pale green it is relaxing, and easy to the eye. Darker tones of green are associated with stability and growth and give the impression of higher status and success. Is a common color to use for spring weddings since it is associated with the deep green in the landscape.
Blue: The blue is the favorite of the color especially among men. The color blue is an uplifting, positive and peaceful color representing loyalty, trustworthiness, fidelity, and integrity.
Purple: is associated with royalty and higher status, usually combined with yellow.
Pink: is considered a feminine color, romantic, related to nurturing and compassion.
Brown: Warm, comforting, associated with the earth.
By combining the colors you can send a message to your guest of how your wedding will be. You can use different combinations of color however on weddings is most usual to use the complimentary scheme of color, instead of the monochromatic scheme, or the clash scheme. A complementary scheme is a color combination of any two colors opposite on the color wheel.
Let your wedding transmit the exact message you want to convey to your guest with the colors you choose for it.
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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Design Exploration

My design exploration is about a website for T-Mobile called Chuckville, Is all about funny things about Chuck Norris, you walk around his town collecting a series of data about the martial art actor, you can also have a friendly fight with him in his own chuck-lin at the beginning I though that it was impossible to defeat Chuck but eventually I catch up with the game and I defeat him twice but it's not easy at all. The link for the website is