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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Advantage of Hiring a Professional Videographer

The job of a professional videographer goes much farther than to record with a camcorder, it includes takes, angles, editing, light control, focus, audio control among some other things. I find interesting how the public visualize the job of professional videographers. While some people believe that having uncle John ,or aunt Jane to record their event is all they need to capture the essence of the day, a professional videographer offer a better product, since the professionals have an understanding about lighting, audio, focus and editing. To give a better example, when your uncle John record your event such as a wedding he probably only know to use the camera only in automatic, while a professional adjust the white balance and the Iris of the lens in accordance with the lighting condition of the place, the professional focus on what is happening while uncle John is jumping back and forth with the camera, the professional give you a DVD or Blue Ray with a menu in were you can choose to select a scene, special features, maybe an introductory video with music that set the mood for what was happening at that particular moment, while uncle John just burn a DVD straight from what he recorded on the camera "including bloopers", professionals edit their job so it look flawless.
If you think that having a member of your family to record a special event will be satisfactory for you by all means please do that, not only will save you money, but you will feel more comfortable knowing the person who is recording, but in the other side, if you want a flawless product with great visual effects, and a professional presentation, then you will be better off with a videographer with professional training in the area.

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I have a DVD with Pictures from my photographer, is this means that I have print rights?

Throughout my career I found myself with clients which solely request a DVD or CD with pictures, thinking that by having a media with pictures they will be able to print as many copies of the pictures as they want. There is a misconception about the printing rights of the pictures taken by a professional photographer, most professionals will agree to work and provide only the DVD, however print ordering is one of the most important things in where a photography business survive today. Clients believe that by having a DVD or CD with pictures will give them the right to go to any photo developing center and print as many pictures they want, and so it begin the deception of the client when he or she finds out that the pictures are solely for computer use, when they call the photographer they learn that they still have to buy the print from him or her.
The next question is how you cannot print your own pictures? Well, the answer is simple, when you use a professional photographer he or she retain the intellectual right of the pictures, and thanks to Adobe software they can protect their rights by different means such as: lowering the resolution of the image in such a way that it looks good on a computer monitor but if you try to print it will pix elate the image making it look bad, the other way is by putting all the pictures in Adobe flash presentation which looks like a web gallery; if you ever seen a photographer website you will know how a web gallery looks, Flash is a computer software that is actually available in most computers today like Acrobat reader which enable the user to read a document in a Portable Data File format (PDF), and the last one is getting the pictures in a PDF file. All this applications makes the pictures available to see in a computer screen, however it will not let you make prints and if so the prints will be showing low resolution and quality.
If you really want to print the pictures on the CD or DVD you will have to be very specific to the photographer about it, most photographer will not have a problem in give you the printing rights of the pictures on the media of your choice, but since they are giving away one of the things that produce money for their business expect to pay more for the work of the photographer.
The best way to overcome this is by being honest with the photographer, tell them your intentions of having the CD or DVD with pictures because you want to be able to print pictures on the near future since you don't have the resources available at the moment to purchase any package offered by the photographer, most of us will understand and we are more than willing to negotiate and work something which can benefit both parts, and no one will fill cheated at the end.

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